About Us

ჩვენ შესახებ

Consulty company Inventer offers any business in the market:reliable, quality,competent and fast service in inventory and inventory management.

The inventory service made by us is performed in accordance with the standards and is distinguished by high with reliability and accuracy.

Our team members will assist you with any business-related inventory needs In consultation.

The company has been constantly evolving since the day of its establishment and maintains the highest quality of work performance. Offers quality, flexible and as comfortable service as possible.

The company creates a comfortable environment for the career advancement of team members.


What could it be Inventory?

• Daily
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Annual

What processes does the inventory involve?

• Facility inspection
• Workflow planning
• Creating a schedule and groups
• Accounting and coding of fixed assets
• Detection of deficiency and excess
• Submit a written report

In what cases is an inventory required?

• For the control of annual accounting balances
• To determine the actual amount of property
• In case of liquidation or reorganization
• During the revaluation of fixed assets
• Detection of deficiency and excess

What are the benefits of inventory management?

• Proper warehouse management
• Excess-deficit detection
• Proper procurement
• Product term control
• Correct handling
• Control of persons responsible for products