inventory of main assets


To develop the right business management and strategy, it is important to understand what assets the organization owns, what condition they are in, what residual service life they have, and what costs are required to sustain the organization’s flawless operations. Solving the above problems, ensuring the reliability of the organization’s accounting and proper managerial accounting, requires an inventory of fixed assets.

Content of the service
  • Calculating fixed assets
  • Proof of fixed assets
  • Description of fixed assets
  • Divided by brunches
  • Prepare a file according to the final results of the inventory
  • Machining of fixed assets according to the final file of the inventory carried out
  • Distribution of fixed assets objects in a file
  • Write inventory on relevant person
Check and specify further parameters characteristic of the fixed asset
  • Name
  • Inventory number
  • Date of issue
  • Year of purchase, operation
  • Location
  • Model, type
  • Power, size, quantity, weight
  • Factory number
  • Specify other parameters depending on the type of fixed asset