Office Supplies Management

Companies that are operating office activities, it’s important for the purposes of the Tax Code to have such commodity material supplies,such as: Stationery, cleaning products, daily consumption supplies and more. It is often not done to analyze what the amount and the amount of office supplies are carried out by the company in the context of the month and are not controlled often filling supplies.

Content of the service
  • Control of office supplies for companies
  • Prepare a report of expenses on office supplies
  • Analysis of the most common and most rarely spent supplies
  • How effectively the employees responsible for replenishing and purchasing supplies work in the company (supplying gaps in job performance as recommendations).

Service Benefits

  • Preventing the shortage of office supplies
  • Identification of poor quality, defective and expired supplies and remove from the company’s supplies
  • Verification of purchases in the company
  • Inventory price change report
  • Analytics of monthly expenditure in the company
  • recommendations in saving costs in stock.