Outsourced Warehouse Manager

One of the leading activities of our company is warehouse management. The service includes all processes related to warehousing.

Our company offers a solution for optimal utilization of warehouse space, as well as service outsourcing – “Outsourced Warehouse Manager”.

As you know, in any organization that is engaged in warehouse activities, the warehouse manager is one of the important positions. He is responsible for:

  • On the correctness of the balances in the warehouse space;
  • On arranging the warehouse space;
  • On the optimal placement of commodity material stocks;
  • Placement of commodity material stocks according to categories;
  • On the control of time of expiration of commodity material stocks;
  • Determining the state of commodity material stocks;
  • On the correctness of accounting of products returned to the warehouse;
  • Receiving purchases and matching them with the invoice;
  • Receiving imports and their compliance with the invoice;
  • Conducting periodic inventory.

Inventer offers you a customized ” Outsourced Warehouse Manager”, employee who will solve the above issues for you. 

Controlling the balance deficit is an important issue for any organization. In the case of cooperation with Inventer, we take responsibility for the correctness of the balances in the warehouse space and compensation for the deficit.

Manage your warehouse efficiently with Inventer!